Add Final Polish to Your Footage With Post-Production Special Effects

It’s no wonder most of the summer blockbusters are CGI-heavy. Special effects, when done well, immerse you even further into the story. But why should Hollywood have all the fun?

There are a host of special effects we can implement during editing that will:

  • Turn a family road trip into a cinematic experience
  • Make your weekend of mountain biking feel like an X Games-worthy action movie
  • Show, not just tell, the values of your business.

Don’t worry! We’re not talking about adding monsters and intergalactic spaceship flights to your annual Tahoe ski trip. The types of effects we use are designed to seamlessly link elements of your raw footage together. So instead of spending hours of pre-planning and storyboarding your adventure, you’re free to head out the door, hit record, and start having fun immediately.

Here are just a few of the special effects ProEditors can implement to take your footage from raw to pro.

  • Drone footage: While not technically a “special effect,” ProEditors has a mass of gorgeous, stock drone footage to add to your video. These overhead shots help establish a sense of place and a point of view you couldn’t otherwise achieve.
  • Post production time lapse and slow motion. Have you’ve ever wondered why you’ve found yourself completely compelled by a movie, even if the plot didn’t originally appeal? It’s the pacing! Good directors (and editors!) know how to pace a film to guide and match an audience’s emotion. Luckily, we have the capacity to adapt the pacing from the editing room by tweaking the speed of shot.
  • Added text and titles. What does every Hollywood, independent, and professional film have in common? Titles and credits. Off the cuff, they can seem like a small thing, but the text that you see onscreen bookends the entire package. It introduces the story and, if desired, wraps it up. Mid-video text or subtitles are also a great way to draw attention to those times in your video when you may have otherwise said, “You had to be there.”
  • Animated titles and logos. These can be pure fun for personal videos and pure gold for strategic branding efforts for business and event-focused videos. Check out this short, animated intro, and tell us if it doesn’t give you more feels than a static intro?
  • A seamless visual transition is harder to achieve than it sounds. You know what we mean, right? Panning shots during filming can be hard to get just right, and forget about moving easily from one scene to another. We can edit in-scene transitions and scene-to-scene transitions to lead your viewers into the next bit of action, without leaving them feeling confused or – even worse – motion sick.
  • Our creative and IT teams here at ProEditors create some of the special effects we use; others we pull from paid libraries of sample videos, called templates. These templates might include filters, 3D effects, onscreen text, music and more. We subscribe to the highest quality templates and run them through the best editing software…so you don’t have to.

Check out many of these effects in action this sample video.

Exploring Pinnacles National Park!