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5 Wacky Winter Sports To Try This Year

Skiing and snowboarding? That’s so 2015. You don’t need a fancy, crowded ski resort or big mountains to enjoy these wacky winter sports. Skip the lines, the traffic, and lift tickets while still having fun in the snow with one of these wacky winter sports! Plus, trying one of these wacky and under-the-radar winter snow sports will make you the most interesting person at the water cooler on Mondays. 


This under the radar wacky winter sport is gaining popularity with backcountry lovers and people who adventures by bike. Snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t get out on a bike. Look into getting yourself a fatbike, the cycling equivalent of a monster truck. The ultra-wide wheels tires make them perfect for riding on unstable surfaces such as sand, mud, and of course snow.


Ice Sailing

Just because a body of water has two feet of ice covering it doesn’t mean you can’t get the sailboat out. These little wind-powered boats with blades go FAST. If you’re looking to spice up your winter sports life get your captain’s beanie on, and get your hands on an ice boat.


Kite Skiing/Boarding

Much like ice sailing, kite skiers and boarders rely on the wind to pull them across frozen terrain. Tying yourself to a giant fabric kite has gravity defying results. Winds can pull you around at high speeds, and allow you to jump up and get airborne for extended periods of time.


Extreme Sledding 

Exactly what every parent doesn’t want their kid to do when at the sledding hill. Instead of your typical slide down the hill, try extreme sledding. Build a jump, preferably massive, in the middle of your sledding run. Then launch yourself off to perform BMX’esque aerial tricks.


Ice Climbing

Much like normal climbing, but with extremely slippery rocks and medieval weapons (er, ice axes). Scale giant chunks of ice using the spikes on your crampons, and a pair of razor sharp pickaxes (careful!). Few other wacky winter sports will make you feel more like you’re doing something out of a James Bond movie.


When you give one of these a try, let us know! Submit footage of yourself fat biking, ice climbing, or whatever and we’ll give you 20% off your first video edit! Don’t waste time editing your footage when you could be out having a great time playing in the snow with your friends and family– send it to us instead!