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ProEditors Your Wedding Video Editing Service

ProEditors and Your Wedding Video

At every wedding nowadays there is a ton of great footage that your guests capture. However, this footage rarely makes it into the wedding video. With the ProEditors wedding video editing service, guests are able to upload their favorite raw footage, no matter what type of device or platform it came from, and have the pro’s turn it into one cohesive video. This leaves the bride and groom with a unique perspective of their special day.

Groomsmen Drinking Beer

Guest Video

ProEditors can compile wedding guest footage into one professionally edited video. Compiling guest footage is simple and creates a video from the perspective of all guests. Wouldn’t you love to see the perspective from a bridesmaid during the bouquet toss? ProEditors wedding video editor service lets your guests be creative and can create a guest point of view wedding video.

Guest video can capture the moments on a more personal level. Imagine being able to include the footage from the Snapchat stories of groomsman and bridesmaids getting ready. Or the random video clip on the dance floor that was tagged with #YourWeddingHashTag. Guests can also be creative and can take personal videos sending well wishes to the newlyweds. All video, in any form can be uploaded by guests to our video editing service and edited into your wedding video. ProEditors can even create a custom landing page so everyone can upload the footage on their own and contribute to the video.

Save on video costs

When you have a limited budget using guest footage can also cut down on costs of hiring an expensive videographer. Wedding videos can cost up to $6,000. Using footage captured by your guests and utilizing the ProEditors wedding video editing service you can save money and result in a unique video.

Polished Video

Your guests might not be the best at keeping a steady hand while filming with a drink in the other hand. ProEditors can stabilize, crop, resize, edit, and ad other post production features to create a polished video. Let ProEditors be your wedding video editing service.

So put some GoPro’s out on the table, tell your guests to tag the videos with your hashtag, and share your custom upload page so you can relive your wedding from the perspective of your loved ones. To learn more and to set up your custom upload page email with the subject line “Wedding Edit”.

The image used in this post was provided by Smart, take a look at their post all about wedding photography tips.