ProEditors Referral Program

ProEditors is joining forces with outfitters and resorts like you to give adventure tourists a professional video memento of their experiences. In exchange for promoting ProEditors via packages, kiosks or links in e-Blasts, ProEditors will provide you with content marketing and income, and you’ll be able to add more value for your customers.

The Details

The ProEditors referral program is tiered to give you as much flexibility as you would like. From simply handing out our information and receiving branding on your videos to selling packages and getting a full 20% return on every video sold, there’s a level for every business.

Level 1 ProEditors email blasts
Rack cards in your shop
Give your customers $10 off their first edit
Videos branded with your logo
Level 2 Everything in Level 1 plus...
Hosting iPads or Kiosks in your shop
Everything in Level 1 plus...
Your brand tagged in social content
10% return on each sale
Level 3 Everything in Levels 1 & 2 plus...
Selling ProEditors Packages
Everything in Levels 1& 2 plus...
Custom scenic stock footage
20% return on each sale

ProEditors Referral Program

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